REHVA - AICARR Seminar - Zero Energy Buildings - Milan, 28.03.2012

Zero Energy Buildings


News from European Commission (building energy performance, Ecodesign, energy efficiency directive and regulations)

Olli Seppänen, REHVA General Secretary, Brussels, Belgium

Energy boundaries and scientific definition of nZEB based on the results of REHVA task Force

Livio Mazzarella, Energy Department, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy

Energy Labeling, ECO Labeling and Certification in nZEB

Sylvain Courtey, Eurovent Certification Company, France

Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: experiences and case studies from Central and North Europe

Jarek Kurnitski, Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, Finland

nZEB Herten, results of International research project

Bart Van Reeth, Daikin Europe

Heating and cooling, the challenge in nZEB’s

Michael Schmidt, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Overview on HVAC and DHW energy systems for residential ZEB in the Italian market

Enrico Fabrizio, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy