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Supporters Bulletin April 2021

During the Annual Meeting earlier this month the Supporters Committee meeting was complemented by an “Expert Talk on Circular Economy in the HVAC Industry”. REHVA invited three speakers to present and discuss with our supporters on what the challenges and tools are to integrate circular economy principles in the construction sector and in particular HVAC. Josefina Lindblom (European Commission – DG ENV) presented the Level(s) framework, Mirko Sauvan (SWEGON) talked about why life-cycle assessment matters for HVAC suppliers and Olaf Oosting (Valstar Simonis – TVVL) presented his experiences with challenges and tools to think about circular economy principles.

Read the full report here.

The full recording of the event will also become available on our Expert Area in May 2021.


Healthy Homes Design Competition 2022
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REHVA Supporter Award 2021 to FRITERM
Catalin Lungu voted as new REHVA president-elect
REHVA COVID19 Guidance REHVA COVID19 Guidance

There is a need to ensure a safe and effective operation of air cleaners!

Download the new document "Criteria for room air cleaners for particulate matter" available on REHVA website and check the recommendation from the Nordic Ventilation Group.

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Climamed 2020: Towards Climate-Neutral Mediterranean Buildings and Cities
Climamed 2020: Towards Climate-Neutral Mediterranean Buildings and Cities

Climamed 2020 will be hosted by Ordem dos Engenheiros in Lisbon, from the 11th to the 12th of May 2021.

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