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REHVA Newsletter 06/2020

Thank you all for attending the REHVA Brussels Summit 2020
Thank you all for attending the REHVA Brussels Summit 2020

Did you miss it?

Don't worry, the video recordings of the 2020 REHVA Brussels Summit Conference are now online!

Access the knowledge shared by our speakers during the Technical Seminar and the Policy Conference here.

No time to watch the videos? No worries! The speaker’s presentations materials are also available on the page for further reading.

The REHVA COVID-19 guidance has a new update! The guidance 4.0 document focuses on how to reopen and safely use buildings after the lockdown, providing advice on specific components, buildings/space types, and suggesting mitigation measures.

This time, together with the guidance, REHVA publishes the REHVA Calculator, a tool for experts to estimate the effect of ventilation on COVID-19 airborne transmission. Learn how to use the calculator in the REHVA Covid-19 Course. It has now been updated with the second module on how to resume and continue indoor activities in the pandemic and module 3 on how to use HVAC systems to prevent airborne viral transmission is coming soon.

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REHVA is happy to be at the KGH 51st International HVAC&R Virtual Congress on 2-4 December 2020, confirming the longstanding collaboration with KGH. 

REHVA President Frank Hovorka sent his welcome greetings and we will have a seminar on “Introducing hybridGEOTABS: Comfort supplied in a Sustainable way!”. Register & join us!


REHVA Community News REHVA Community News
Congratulations to AIIR and ACETYR!


Ioan Silviu Dobosi has just been elected President of AIIR for a mandate of 4 years 2020 - 2024.

Read more



Rafael Vázquez Martí will be the new President of ATECYR for the period 2020 - 2023.

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EU Policy News EU Policy News
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Directives: Consultation Period Open
Amended EPBD: Is your building compliant with the BACS requirements?
Other News Other News
ISHRAE 40 year anniversary

REHVA congratulates ISHRAE on its 40 year anniversary and wishes for many more years of success, good luck and joy. On this occasion, let us remember a shared moment of fruitful collaboration. In 2019, the REHVA Partner Organisation Award was awarded to ISHRAE and handed out by President-elect Frank Hovorka to the ISHRAE President, Mr. Chandrasekaran Subramaniam and to Mr. Vishal Kapur, ISHRAE...

What causes drift in relative humidity sensors
What causes drift in relative humidity sensors

All humidity measurement sensors drift over time. Even the very best ones.

What causes them to drift and what does a drift look like? 

Find out more about this topic by our senior expert Lars Stormbom and share your thoughts. 

Events & Webinars Events & Webinars
World Sustainable Energy Days: Climate neutrality ↔ Economic recovery
World Sustainable Energy Days: Climate neutrality ↔ Economic recovery

Boosting economic recovery with the energy transition is the focus of the next WSED from 24 – 26 February 2021 in Wels/Austria.

Learn and discuss how we can make a green recovery happen in practice and how the energy transition can contribute as an investment engine to this deep transformation.

Upcoming events







Recording webinar | #EPBstandards calculations (I)
Recording webinar | #EPBstandards calculations (II)
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