Check out the new tool prepared by the European Building Automation and Controls Association for ensuring compliance with the requirements introduced by Article 14 and Article 15, paragraph 4: “Member States shall lay down requirements to ensure that, where technically and economically feasible, non-residential buildings with an effective rated output for heating (Art.14)/air-conditioning (Art.15) systems or systems for combined space heating/airconditioning and ventilation of over 290kW are equipped with building automation and control systems (BACS) by 2025.”

The amending Directive 2018/844 had the transposition deadline in March 2020. Nevertheless, several countries are still struggling to effectively integrate BACS requirements into their national legislation.

To this end, eu.bac experts have developed the so called 'EPBD BACS compliance verification package', providing support to Member States and concerned stakeholders to ensure the requirements set out in the Directive are followed, can be swiftly implemented as intended in practice and furthermore can be easily verified.

Introductory notes

Compliance verification checklist 

Compliance self-declaration

REHVA is looking forward to exchange with eu.bac and the concerned EU and national levels policymakers about how trained and certified building professionals can help building owners to ensure their BACS are EPBD compliant.

Register HERE to the Dec 10th webinar! BACs requirements in the revised EPBD: how to check compliance?

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