Guidebook the month - January

GB30 + GB18: Hygiene in Potable Water

50,00 € (VAT exl.)
  • Guidebook 30 gives an overview about the fundamentals of hygiene and water quality and contains main information’s on the design, installation, start-up, use, operation and maintenance of potable water installations in buildings. It gives also suggestions for the practical work (maintenance, effects on microbiology, potential causes and measures in practical work, checklists)
  • Guidebook 18 is a practical guide for design, operation and maintenance to minimize the risk of legionellosis  in building water and HVAC systmes. It is devided into several themes such as: Air conditioning of the air (by water – humidification), Production of hot water for washing (fundamentally but not only hot water for washing) and Evaporative cooling tower.

Original price: 100€

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