Indoor Climate Quality Assessment

Indoor Climate Quality Assessment

S.P. Corgnati (ed.), M. Gameiro da Silva (ed.), R. Ansaldi, E. Asadi, J.J. Costa, M. Filippi, J. Kaczmarczyk, A.K. Melikov, B.W. Olesen, Z. Popiolek, P. Wargocki

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This new REHVA Guidebook gives building professionals a useful support in the practical measurements and monitoring of the indoor climate in buildings. Wireless technologies for measurement and monitoring has allowed enlarging significantly number of possible applications, especially in existing buildings. The Guidebook illustrates with several cases the instrumentation for the monitoring and assessment of indoor climate.

The content of this Guidebook follows the Standard EN15251. Once the relevant standards will be revised, REHVA will be publish a new version of this Guidebook.

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