This guidebook aims to provide an overview on the different aspects of building automation, controls and technical building management and steer the direction to further in depth information on specific issues, thus increasing the readers' awareness and knowledge on this essential piece of the construction sector puzzle. It avoids reinventing the wheel and rather focuses on collecting and complementing existing resources on this topic in the attempt of offering a one-stop guide. The readers will benefit of several compiled lists of standards and other relevant publications and as well a thorough terminology specific for building automation, controls and technical building management.

Among other aspects it captures the existing European product certification and system auditing schemes, the integrated system approach, EU's energy policy framework related to buildings, indoor environment quality, smart buildings and behaviour change related to energy use.

Although this guide can be very useful for several stakeholders (e.g. industry, designers, specifiers, system integrators, installers, building commissioners, facility managers, energy inspectors, energy auditors, students), being an introduction framework to the topic, it is most useful for those interested in fully grasping the 'why, how and what' of building automation, controls and technical building management.

It should be noted that this guidebook is not, nor is it meant to be, an absolutely comprehensive knowledge repository on the topic.

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