Title Model Predictive Control and Innovative System Integration of GEOTABS in Hybrid Low Grade Thermal Energy Systems Hybrid MPC GEOTABS

Duration September 2016 - August 2020

Coordinator University of Ghent 


The hybridGEOTABS project brought together a transdisciplinary team of SMEs, large industry and research institutes, experienced in research and application of design and control systems in the combined building and energy world.

Based on prior research, supported by (joint) EU and national projects, and practical experience the bottlenecks where identified that prevent at this moment a real breakthrough of geothermal heat pumps (GEO-HP) combined with thermally activated building systems (TABS) - GEOTABS. Solutions, which need to be implemented in an integrated way, were identified and sufficient proof of concept was gathered to join forces in a RIA.

The innovative concepts aim at increasing the share of low valued (low-grade) energy sources by means of using low exergy systems on the one hand and aim at upgrading low/moderate temperature resources on the other hand.

The overall solution consists of an optimal integration of GEOTABS and secondary supply and emission systems.

To allow for an optimal use of both the GEOTABS and the secondary system, a split will be made between a so-called “base load” that will be provided by the GEOTABS and the remaining energy needs that should be supplied by the secondary system. A generic rule, eliminating case-by-case simulation work, will be developed.

The second part of the proposed solution aims at a white box approach for Model Predictive Control (MPC) to generate a controller model with precomputed model inputs such as disturbances and HVAC thermal power to avoid case by case development. Research is needed to assess the overall performance and robustness of such an approach towards uncertainties.

As such, the hybridGEOTABS consortium believes to have identified an integrated solution that will provide a near optimal design strategy for the MPC GEOTABS concept using optimal control integrated design. The solution will support the industry, especially the SME members, to expand their activities and strengthen their competitiveness.

Website  www.hybridgeotabs.eu


Consortium meeting, WSED Workshop and Joint ALDREN workshop public session

The 6th consortium meeting was held in Copenhagen on 25th-26th March, hosted by DTU. Main outcomes discussed were concerning the industrialization strategy, the development of demonstration plans, the adaptability of Model Predictive Controls (MPCs), the exploitation of demo cases and the dissemination and communication strategies

HybridGEOTABS workshop at WSED - World Sustainable Energy Days, was held on 28th February at the European Energy Efficiency Conference, in Wels, Austria. A total number of attendees reached 11 external stakeholders, as well as the six speakers presenting the project, for a total of 17, encouraging a lively open debate on MPCs controllers, behavioral data and scalable energy technologies. You can find a full overviewOpens external link in new window here

HybrydGEOTABS and EU H2020 funded project Opens external link in new windowALDREN held a joint workshop on 27th March in Copenhagen, hosted by DTU, on “How to express hybridGEOTABS in the ALDREN Evaluation Scheme?”. During the public session the projects were presented in their main goals and on-going developments, while the attendees were able to participate through interactive poll sessions and a live webinar

Join hybridGEOTABS symposium and workshops

April is a busy month for Opens external link in new windowhybridGEOTABS consortium. On Wednesday 18 April, Opens external link in new windowGeoter is hosting the second hybridGEOTABS Symposium in Madrid at CIEMAT headquarters to talk about opportunities and innovative strategies to fully exploit the potential of geothermal energy in buildings. The event also includes the site visit of a geothermal drilling system. Register Opens external link in new windowhere to this free symposium . Registration is open until 10 April!

On Monday 23 April, two workshop sessions at the Opens external link in new windowREHVA Low Carbon Technologies in HVAC Conference are devoted to hybridGEOTABS and related topics with 6 papers from project partners. You can join the workshops by registering Opens external link in new windowhere to the conference. Early bird registration is possible until 9 April.  

REHVA hosted the first hybridGEOTABS Stakeholder Engagement Board meeting 

On Tuesday 30 January, REHVA hosted the first Opens external link in new windowhybridGEOTABS stakeholders’ meeting in Brussels, ending in a New Year toast. The invited stakeholders discussed about how hybridGEOTABS technologies and tools can be valuable for them and how in turn they could contribute to their market uptake. the next stakeholder meeting is scheduled in Madrid on 18 April, in combination with the consortium meeting.

hybridGEOTABS will also have a dedicated slot during the Opens external link in new windowREHVA Annual Meeting Conference, organised by ATIC on Monday 23 April in Brussels.

Have a look at the Opens external link in new windowJanuary newsletter, to get a comprehensive overview of the most recent project achievements.

REHVA will host the first hybridGEOTABS Stakeholder Engagement Board meeting 

The members of the hybridGEOTABS Stakeholder Engagement Board (SEB) will meet up on Tuesday 30 January 2018 for the first time, hosted in Brussels at the Maison des Associations Internationales. Board Members include representatives of research networks, professional networks, relevant industrial associations, investors, policy makers and regulators. These experts will give advice to hybridGEOTABS consortium on how to promote the commercial potential of hybrid geotabs for industries and SMEs. 

Indeed, the main goal of Opens external link in new windowhybridGEOTABS project is to increase the take up of optimized hybridgeotabs systems, which combine geothermal heat pumps (GEO-HP), thermally activated building systems (TABS) and automated Model Predictive Control solutions.

Unlock the potential of Near Surface Geothermal Energy – GRETA project press release

One of the aims of REHVA as an umbrella organisation is to connect experts with similar interests among its network. Opens external link in new windowGRETA project findings, for instance, may contribute to hybridGEOTABS, where REHVA and Uponor are partners. Find Opens external link in new windowhere the GRETA 3rd press release, about its mid-term conference. 

Free hybridGEOTABS symposium on Advanced Thermal Energy Solutions for high performance buildings, 4 October 2017, 8.30 - 14.00 CET
hybridGEOTAB project organizes the Advanced Thermal Energy Solutions for High Performance Buildings Symposium
as an interactive event with breakout sessions and opportunities to discuss concepts with EU researchers and innovators. The symposium will focus on Model Predictive Control and Innovative System Integration of GEOTABS in hybrid Low Grade Thermal Energy Systems, with pitch sessions for specialist topics.
SPEAKERS include: Jelle Laverge (Ghent University), Wim Boydens (Boydens Engineering), Bjarne Olesen (DTU & Ashrae), Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt (University of Maastricht), Damien Picard & Lieve Helsen (KU Leuven), Thomas Nowak (EHPA).
The Symposium will take place on the 4 of October 2017 (8.00 - 14.00 CET), at Solarwind headquarters (11-13 Rue de l’Industrie 8399, Windhof, Luxembourg). The event is free of charge, however cancellations after September 29th, or without notice will be charged 50 €. 
Register here to the event.

2nd newsletter and new website launched

Check out hybrid GEOTABS brand new Opens external link in new windowwebsite and Opens external link in new window2nd newsletter, to know more about this H2020 research project that REHVA and Opens external link in new windowUponor are partnering.

The project, running until August 2020, aims at optimizing the predesign and operation of a hybrid technology combining GEOthermal heat-pumps and Thermally Activated Building Systems, using Model Predictive Control solutions.

To spread the word and increase awareness about this innovative technology, the hybrid GEOTABS consortium will host its 1st seminar about improved thermal energy solutions for high performance buildings on 4 October in SolarWinds headquarters in Windhof, Luxembourg. Seminar details will come in September. 

HybridGEOTABS second project meeting at Uponor headquarter, 1-2 March 2017, Vaanta (Finland)

From the 1st to the 2nd of March 2017, REHVA supporter Opens external link in new windowUponor Corporation will host hybridGEOTABS meetings at its headquarter in Vantaa (Finland).hybridGEOTABS is an active research project to optimize the predesign and operation of a combination of geothermal heat pumps (GEO-HP) and thermally activated building systems (TABS).  It will design an improved, automated ‘Model Predictive Control’ (MPC) solution for testing on hybrid supply and emission systems in demonstration buildings such as offices, elderly care homes, schools and apartment blocks.For additional information please check the dedicated section on REHVA website and Opens external link in new windowhybridGEOTABS website.

The first hybridGEOTABS Project newsletter is now available

The first hybridGEOTABS Project newsletter is out. Click here for the link.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation 
programme under grant agreement 723649