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The hybridGEOTABS consortium has identified a potential integrated solution that will provide a near optimal design strategy for the MPC (Model Predictive Control) GEOTABS concept, using a control integrated design that optimises the predesign and operation of a hybrid combination of geothermal heat pumps (GEO-HP),  and thermally activated building systems (TABS).

This project is considering all components of the system (geothermal and other renewable energy sources, TABS and secondary emission components, different building and user types), and all stages of the building process. Using the results and insights from previous partial simulation-based theoretical and academic studies (e.g. grey-box models), hybridGEOTABS will create a complete mathematical formulation of the MPC framework and the development of controller models – a black-box model.

The consolidation and execution of a dissemination strategy is supported through technical articles on REHVA Journals to showcase the project demo buildings while supporting a detailed training plan as well. REHVA will update its GEOTABS guidebook using the project results and organise workshops coordinated with TRC.

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