MODERATE is a Horizon Europe funded project with the aim to create an open marketplace for building data, connecting data producers with researchers, developers and building stakeholders. Improving the interoperability of building datasets is a key challenge that the project is aiming to tackle.

With the uptake of building monitoring & control systems there has been a rising complexity and variety of building performance data, creating the need for improved interoperability for different stakeholders to be able to share and use each other’s data. For this purpose, MODERATE is aiming to create an open marketplace for building data where building stakeholders – such as policymakers, building owners, facility managers, service companies – will be able to openly share their data, obtain insights and facilitate their decision-making process. By doing this the project aims to connect data producers with researchers, developers and other stakeholders.

To accomplish this the project will:

  • Create a protocol for data sharing and anonymization, complying with privacy regulations like GDPR while keeping the statistical properties that make the data valuable;
  • Providing a solution that will enable data owners to openly share their datasets where the knowledge of their data can be used and create economic opportunities;
  • Develop a fully open platform where building data can be exchanged.

With the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain/distributed ledger and the Internet of Things (IoT) the platform will enable users to analyse real-time data from various building systems and provide information on different indicators of the performance of a building. A key component is the use of synthetic data generation techniques, that are not widely applied yet in the construction sector, to allow open better data sharing and enable reliable building services and creating more economic opportunities.

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