EPB standards Build Up webinar 10 - Focus on non-residential buildings

  • When: 02 Feb 2021
  • Where: Online

Following the successful first series of 6 webinars on the Energy Performance of Buildings standards (EN/ISO) supporting the implementation of the EPBD, an additional series of 4 webinars has been scheduled on the set up and results of a series of example calculations on buildings and systems using the EPB standards.

The goal of these example calculations is to demonstrate the:

  • functionality (the calculation works all together on practical cases, available features to describe energy properties of buildings and HVAC installations),
  • sensitivity (impact of single data or group of data on selected calculation results), and,
  • usability (clear data input; description of practical system configurations, useful results and avoiding unnecessary input complexity),

of individual calculation modules and of the whole building calculation procedure.

This 10th webinar will focus on building energy performance calculations for non-residential buildings. At this webinar we will demonstrate how the EPB standards enable to deal with various types of buildings and systems, taking in to account different conditions of use (EN 16798-1) and different control strategies, for different climates.

Like in previous webinars, we will focus both on details related to specific EPB standards (such as EN ISO 52016-1EN 16798-7 and EN 16798-5-1), and on the impact on the overall building energy performance (EN ISO 52000-1).

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