Fire Dampers - SMAY Webinar

  • When: 09 Jun 2021

What topics will be covered during the webinar?

  1. Basic types of fire dampers.  
  2. Classification of dampers in terms of fire resistance, documents and standards that should be remembered.  
  3. Methods of installing SMAY dampers - in a building partition, on a duct.  
  4. Presentation of the first in Poland certified battery for smoke exhaust ventilation – KWP.  
  5. The use of dampers in single- and multicompartment systems.
  6. Minimum distances resulting from the standard 1366-2.
  7. Air leakage parameter of fire dampers.
  8. How to avoid mistakes in the design practical tips.


During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions to the instructors and receive free technical advice. 


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