Making building performance assessment transparent & holistic: ensuring a reliable and level playing field

  • When: 20 Sep 2022
  • Where: online
  • Event type: Seminar

Facilitate & support a transparent and holistic approach in EPBD’s (current & ongoing revision) transposition, implementation and monitoring at Member State level with regards to building performance assessment methods.

EUSEW2022 extended programme session hosted by the BuildUp Portal.

EPB Center, ECI, BPIE and ECTP bring together key actors from their side and the European Commission, a guest moderator from EuroACE and guest panellists from EPEE and eu.bac/EU-ASE to make the invisible visible and debate about the importance of choices made in the national building performance assessment methods and their prerequisite role and high impact in completely decarbonizing in practice the EU’s building stock by 2050, while simultaneously contributing to strengthen EU’s energy security. 

A transparent, holistic and evidence-based approach is instrumental be it for building certification, cost-optimality or financing purposes. In addition to raising awareness the session aims to instil an ongoing constructive exchange with all interested stakeholders to be sustained after EUSEW 2022.

Naturally, recommendations might emerge from this process for minimizing unwanted risks and fostering the use of transparent and holistic while flexible and modular approaches, leveraging the set of CEN/ISO EPB standards, which in turn would ensure a level playing field and avoid the greenwashing of the private and public capital to be mobilized for the building sector (e.g. Renovation Wave) in the coming years and decades.

This policy session targets in general all EPBD stakeholders with a slightly enhanced focus on EU Member States and specifically the decision-makers and influencers of the EPBD revision, transposition, implementation and monitoring processes.

The EPBD has been revised in 2018 & is now again open (earlier) for revision to be able to bring to reality the EU Green Deal’s endeavours vis-à-vis the EU’s building stock (existing & new). We need to be sure we get (almost) everything right this time from the very beginning while avoiding lock-in effects, because a second chance is highly likely not available at the current pace of developments.

Overall, this session’s (and aftermath) debate is supposed to build a knowledge base for the topic of building performance assessment methods and furthermore act as lynchpin for all those concerned about and supporting the transition to an overarching digitally transformed EU building stock as means for healthy, safe, affordable, efficient, flexible and zero emission buildings.

Programme (tentative timming)

Overall moderation ensured by Andrei Vladimir Litiu, Executive Director, EPB Center

5 min Welcome and introduction by BuildUp Portal Editorial Board

5 min Welcome and introduction by Quentin de Hults, Director Green & Healthy Buildings, ECI

10 min Keynote DG ENER – Building performance assessment methods in the EPBD and its revision by Pau Garcia Audi, Policy Officer, DG ENER

10 min Keynote EPB Center – The CEN/ISO EPB standards and EPBD’s implementation by Dick van Dijk, EPB Expert, EPB Center

10 min Keynote BPIE – Cost-optimality and EPBD revision by Hélène Sibileau, Senior Policy Advisor, BPIE

45 min Panel discussion moderated by Rémi Collombet, Senior EU Affairs Officer, EuroACE

  • Jules Cordillot, eu.bac/EU-ASE
  • Quentin de Hults, ECI
  • Henk Kranenberg, EPEE
  • Alain Zarli, ECTP

5 min Closing remarks by Nerea Gómez Morán, Junior Project Officer, ECTP

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