PZITS 100th Anniversary Workshop

  • When: 03 Oct - 04 Oct 2019
  • Where: Warsaw, Poland


A Workshop for designers and experts in sanitary installations and networks will be held from October 3 - October 4, 2019  in Warsaw (POLAND). This workshop is organized by the Main Board of the Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians. During the event, plenary lectures and four parallel panel workshops are planned, in which experienced designers, experts and representatives of the scientific community will take part.

Within 2 days, 20 panel workshops will be presented, which will take place simultaneously in 5 rooms.

The topics discussed during the Workshops will deal with the issues related to the mission of designers today, as well as specific technical issues.

The issues raised in the first group of topics include:

• change of linear economy to closed cycles, correct determination of current priorities in the industry as well as trends in the development of the installation

• energy-efficient solutions for the design and operation of HVAC systems,

• a house without bills,

• experts of the 21st century,

• energy modeling and energy performance of the building.

Technical issues will be discussed in the framework of the following panel workshops:
• Indoor Environment quality under EPBD: EN 16798-1 standard and REHVA residential ventilation guidebook
• Designing high-pressure gas pipelines in Poland. Conditions for the selection of polymeric materials for the construction of gas networks
• Pretreatment of rainwater through linear drainage without using a separator
• Production and heat recovery in industry
• Proper selection of technical insulation for heating and air-conditioning installations
• Construction and executive design of sanitary installations in Revit
• Selection of ventilation systems and costs of energy consumption of the building - analysis of the costs of the use of the building depending on the chosen design solution

Detailed information about this event and information on registration are available at www.warsztaty.pzits.pl

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