• When: 17 Dec - 18 Dec 2021

REFCOLD India is the principal destination for technology, education and B2B networking for the entire refrigeration and cold-chain industry. Over 2,000 decision-makers and influencers from pharmaceuticals, retail, food service, processing, production, distribution, logistics and transportation are expected to participate in this congregation.

Over the course of two days, December 17th and 18th 2021, an expo with a plethora of exhibitors, theme based seminars and discussions have been combined to deliver a comprehensive networking event to serve the industry at large.

Companies that participate in this event will gain a high level of brand recognition and targeted business development opportunities amongst key buying audiences that procedures, handles, stores, transports or are involved in the distribution of temperature sensitive products. Brands get exposures in an arena where customers are looking to optimise their supply chain and improve facility operations.


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