2-5 June, 2018
    Espoo, Finland

    Scanvac’s RoomVent Conference together with Ventilation Conference.

    The main organizer Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (FiSIAQ) and the co-organizer Aalto University.

    RoomVent and Ventilation are well established conference series within the discipline of ventilation research. They are known to offer high quality presentations in well focused sessions. Both events have a loyal clientele of professionals in the fields of industrial and comfort ventilation and air distribution.

    RoomVent and Ventilation Conferences support each other and the combination provides to participant generic view of the latest research findings of ventilation in both industrial and non-industrial premises.

    RoomVent Conference is focusing on new technology and ventilations strategies for low energy, passive houses and zero emission buildings as well as energy efficient ventilation in the built environment.

    Ventilation Conference is focusing on industrial type of applications. The aims of industrial ventilation are to protect health, to prevent environmental pollution and to guarantee high product quality. These aims should be achieved with a highly energy efficient manner and promoting for sustainable development.

    Please find here the Initiates file downloadbrochure and check here the website for more information: 

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