SMAY webinar - SafetyWay pressure differential system

  • When: 08 Dec 2021

With the ever-increasing height of buildings, the requirements for reliable life safety systems becomes higher and higher. A key requirement in the life safety regulations is to ensure the safe escape and evacuation of people. Most fire related deaths are caused by the inhalation of smoke and toxic gases produced by the fire and not directly by the fire itself. Take part in free SMAY webinar SafetyWay pressure differential system and discover innovative solutions for safe evacuation.

What topics will be covered during the webinar?   

  • Project of a new standard for designing pressure differential systems – prEN12101-13,
  • iSWAY devices presentation – types and operation ranges 
  • Design solutions of SMAY for various types of protected spaces – staircases, vestibules, elevator shafts, corridors,
  • Technical support at all stages of the investment process – design support, CFD simulations, Revit families, start-up and commissioning.

During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions to the instructors and receive free technical advice. 


Tuesday, 8th of December 2021, 12:00 (GTM +1:00)


Radosław Sikorski

Technical Support Manager in Smay  

He is responsible for providing assistance to designers, tradesmen and contractors at all stages of the investment process. 
He has 5 years of experience in working with ventilation systems gained in the design office and on construction sites. 
Graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology, where he studied Energy Engineering and Environmental Engineering, specializing in Industrial Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and of the Warsaw University of Technology, where he studied Smoke Extraction Systems: Fire Ventilation. 

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