Ventilation fra A-Z - Vejle

  • When: 20 Apr - 22 Apr 2021
  • Where: Hotel Vejlefjord, Sanatorievej 26, 7140 Stouby

Three days course, Two modules

Modul A

20 april - 22 april 2021, 8.30-16.30

Modul B

25 may - 27 may 2021, ore 8.30 - 16.30



A very tough competitive situation - combined with the Building Regulations 'requirements for low energy consumption and improved indoor climate - places extra great demands on the employees' knowledge in the area of ​​ventilation, and this applies to both the consulting, execution and management areas.

A caseworker can of course be trained on the job, but it is a slow and cumbersome process that seizes the company's other and often busy employees - and then unnecessary and very costly mistakes sometimes arise.



The course provides a complete coherent basic knowledge in the subject of ventilation, so that the participants, possibly in addition to further special courses as well as internal trainings, will become skilled and efficient caseworkers. The course alternates between learning through lectures, discussions and assignment calculation. It is composed of two modules of three days duration each. The program is designed so that there is a continuous line for all six days in both modules.


Course participants will gain knowledge of:

- Basic introduction to the ventilation technique

- Update from from latest research

- Thorough introduction to the necessary tools

- Theoretical and practical approach to specific problem solving

- Via problem solving, the practical use of the theory is trained


Everyone who participates in the entire course will receive a course certificate.


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