Web workshop U-CERT | Building Energy Performance Certificates for the people

  • When: 30 Mar 2021
  • Where: Online
  • Event type: Workshop

Join U-CERT team, our guest keynote speaker, the 6 guest representatives of the Next Generation EPCertficates cluster of H2020 projects and take part in the interactive activities, led by IRI-UL, targeted at all 6 projects to try to understand what people on the ground actually think about EPCertificates and their value.

Building Energy Performance Certificates (EPCertificates, EPCs) are of the people, by the people, for the people… at least in theory!

  • Which and how did the initial intentions become reality after more than 10 years of having EPCs present in the national markets of EU’s Member States?
  • How are EPCs perceived by people in their different roles and technical knowledge e.g. experts, users?
  • What are the real needs & expectations and how to address them in the evolution process of EPCs?

Interested in the answers and attaining the latest insights about how diverse groups of people (from home owners, to EPCS scheme developers and all in between) relate to EPCertificates and how they would envision them evolving?

Programme (approximate timings)

12h00 - 12h05 – Welcome and general introduction by Simona D’Oca, Project Manager & Researcher, Huygen

12h05 - 12h20 – Keynote presentation by Guillaume Joly, Sustainable Buildings Officer, The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC)

12h20 - 12h40 – Perception about EPC schemes in selected EU countries by Domen Bančič & Jure Vetršek, IRI-UL

12h40 - 13h28 – Moderated panel discussion & Q&A from the audience under the auspices of IRI-UL

             Spotlight on the Next Generation EPCertificates cluster of H2020 projects

13h28 - 13h30 – Closing remarks by Simona D’Oca


Learn more about the building EP Certificates evolution in Europe

BEUC Position Paper - How to make green and healthy housing affordable for all consumers

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