XXXIV Conference and Exhibition “Moscow – energy efficient city”

    1-3 November, 2017
    Noviy Arbat 36, Moscow, Russia

    Transition to energy efficient economy means fundamental changes in the city’s economy structure and its technical infrastructure, changes in the regulatory framework, mobilization and coordination of all federal and regional executive authorities, changes in the consumption structure, in the behavioral stereotypes. Discussion of these subjects will become the key topic of XXXIV Conference and Exhibition “Moscow– energy efficient city”. Affiliated meetings of the Conference will discuss the issues of energy efficiency enhancement during design, construction, reconstruction and operation of buildings, will review the foreign experience in implementation of energy saving measures.

    Over 24 years of its history the Conference and Exhibition has not only taken a notable position among the national energy forums, but became the leader. The Conference results allow for organization of a new stage of the energy facilities development and identification of the most feasible ways for its development not only for Moscow, but for Russian Federation regions as well.

    XXXIII Conference and Exhibition in Numbers

    5000 participants – specialists from 80 Russian cities and 20 foreign countries

    500 innovative technologies presented at the expo

    Over 200 presentations at 20 affiliated meetings

    Participation of federal executive government departments

    Main Conference and Exhibition Sections

    • Energy services, energy audit and energy certification of buildings
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Heat and power supply
    • Water supply and sewage
    • Green construction and nonconventional energy sources
    • Thermal protection of buildings
    • External and internal lighting
    • Automation and control of building technical equipment
    • Fire safety of buildings and structures
    • Gas supply
    • Renovation and reconstruction of buildings
    • Transparent building envelopes
    • Regulatory and methodological support for energy saving measures
    • Energy savings in Data Centers


    ABOK – Russian Association of Engineers for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Heat Supply and Building Thermal Physics


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