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1.01 Domestic hot water preparation for sanitary purposesBy: ATECYR

This guidebook analyzes in detail the profile of sanitary hot water consumptions used in different types of buildings (homes, offices, hospitals...). It is explained how the maximum peak flow of a daily profile of DHW consumption and the average daily value of it to estimate energy losses and energy annual consumption

  • Water supply and sanitary systems
  • Sanitary hot water
  • Domestis hot water
  • DHW production

1.05 Prevention of internal corrosion of water installationsBy: ATECYR

Th guidebook focusses on the study and prevention of corrosion and embedding phenomena on sanitaru water installations of buildings. It includes fundamental concepts and solutions, both in the design and in the execution phase, and how to act in existing installations, when it

  • Water supply and sanitary systems
  • Corrosion
  • Loop
  • Hot water

4.01 Calculation of pressure losses and design criteria. (Revised edition)By: ATECYR

This guidebook explains all the variables that are necessary to know for the correct hydraulic design of an HVAC installation. Describes the calculation of pressure losses that must be estimated in all hydraulic circuits. In addition, the strategies for a correct sizing and balancing of the primary and secondary circuits are esplained in detail.

  • Water supply and sanitary systems
  • Design
  • Loop
  • Hot water

4.02 Hydraulic circuits and pump selectionBy: ATECYR

This guidebook details the calculation and selection of hydraulic pumps in building installations, their operation and the design of the circuits for the correct operation of the installation as a whole.

  • Water supply and sanitary systems
  • Design
  • Loop
  • Pump

CIBSE Guide G: Public health and plumbing engineering (2015)By: CIBSE

Produced in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) and content is reflected in its new title.

  • Water supply and sanitary systems

Legionellosis Prevention in Building, Water and HVAC Systems: A Practical Guide for Design, Operation and Maintenance to Minimize the Risk (GB18)By: REHVA

This Guidebook is a practical guide for design, operation and maintenance to minimize the risk of legionellosis in building water and HVAC systems.

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Water supply and sanitary systems
  • air conditioning
  • domestic hot water
  • evaporative cooling tower
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