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Power engineering through standards, laws, regulations, and technical recommendations (SRB24) By: SMEITS

This handbook is primarily intended for active electric power engineers, and especially those who study for professional examinations. Laws, standards - national and international, rulebooks, instructions, and decisions ? everything needed to master the profession is presented and explained on 735 pages of this book.

  • Energy generation and recovery systems
  • power standards
  • installation
  • commissioning
  • maintenance
  • recommendations

6.01 Combustion By: ATECYR

This guidebook gathers the basic concepts about combustion, its theory, and its practice in air conditioning installations

  • Energy generation and recovery systems
  • Theory
  • Combustion

8.01 Energy recovery in air conditioning systems By: ATECYR

This guidebook shows the different technologies for energy recovery in air conditioning systems. By increasing the energy needs of society, it is important to apply alternatives like heat recovery to meet the needs with the lowest economic and environmental cost.

  • Energy generation and recovery systems
  • Energy
  • Recovery
  • HVAC

8.03 Thermal solar Installations for the production of sanitary hot water By: ATECYR

The guidebook describes the technologies applied for the production of Sanitary Hot Water in tertiary buildings as well as the methodology of design and dimensioning of the facilities. The main concepts used for solar thermal installations for the production of DHW are also described in detail.

  • Energy generation and recovery systems
  • Renewable energy
  • HWS
  • solar

8.04 Solar thermal energy. Practical cases By: ATECYR

This guidebook describes in a practical way the design and dimensioning of solar thermal installations. The design criteria of the different components that make up the solar thermal installation are analyzed

  • Energy generation and recovery systems
  • Renewable energy
  • HWS
  • Solar
  • Success cases

Manual of solar energy for sanitary hot water and HVAC By: ATECYR

This manual helps technicians to design, plan and execute solar thermal installations.

  • Energy generation and recovery systems
  • Handbook
  • Basic principles
  • Thermal solar energy

CIBSE Guide K: Electricity in buildings (2004) By: CIBSE

This Guide will be invaluable for anyone thinking of installing new or renewable power sources. Energy managers, facilities managers and building owners/operators will also find this Guide a fund of essential and interesting information.

  • Energy generation and recovery systems

Environmental health and climate change (SRB42) By: SMEITS

The goal of professionals in the field of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) is to create a comfortable and healthy environment, especially in buildings. In many cases, architectural and building materials and activities, as well as cleaning and maintenance that affect the environment, are beyond control of HVAC&R designers. In addition to other reasons for such situation, there is superficial knowledge of elementary facts on the indoor environment characteristics.

  • Energy generation and recovery systems
  • climate change
  • environmental health

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