The set of EPB standards, stemming from the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), bring added value to day-to-day activities of practitioners thus represent the lynchpin between policy, standardization and practice with regards to building energy performance. Many EPB standards are already, in addition to CEN, included in the ISO 52000 series which will eventually integrate all EPB standards, making the set of EPB standards a global framework with the potential to bring together all actors in between policy makers and practitioners.
Experience has shown that having available just the standards and related spreadsheets is not enough to reap all the benefits they bring. An EPB platform creating the needed communication bridges and overall community is essential for the implementation and practical use of the set of Energy Performance of Buildings standards.
EPB Center aims to fill this gap! This workshop supported in terms of getting an overview of the implementation of the EPB standards (EU, China and USA), learn about the publicly available resources provided by the EPB Center and how & which EPB Center tailored consultancy and services packages could ensure organizations unleashes the full potential of the set of EPB standards and become a front-runner in the race to net zero (positive) both energy and carbon buildings.


REHVA Member Associations / Training Providers, Trainers, Building technology manufacturers, Software developers, National Standards Bodies, Designers, Installers, Facility Managers

Expected results

The workshop was meant to facilitate and support the commercial roll-out of EPB Center’s consultancy and services within the REHVA network. In addition to capturing the status quo of the EPB standards, exchanging and collecting feedback from the audience, the workshop has further paved the pathway towards EU-wide and beyond implementation and use of the set of EPB standards. 

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Recording with a list of timestamps/chapters (in the video description) as follows:

  • Welcome and introduction
    • by Dick van Dijk, EPB Expert and Initiator, EPB Center
  • EPB standards and the EPBD revision in Europe
    • by Pau Garcia Audi, Policy Officer, DG ENER, European Commission
  • EPB standards and building performance policy in USA
    • by Mick Schwedler, President, ASHRAE
  • EPB standards and building performance policy in China
    • by Jianlin Wu, Head, International Affairs, CAHVAC / Director, High performance building research center, China Academy of Building Research
  • EPB Center supporting resources, consultancy and services
    • by Dick van Dijk, EPB Expert and Initiator, EPB Center
  • Open discussion EPB standards the way ahead
    • Facilitated by Dick van Dijk

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