This REHVA policy webinar, hosted on Thursday October 26th, during the Build Up Portal’s month of IEQ, delved deeply into the multi-faceted world of building performance with an emphasis on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). As we navigate through the realm of energy-efficient buildings and improved indoor climate, the lens of IEQ offers insights into not only the health and well-being of occupants but also the broader sustainability goals and energy performance of buildings.

With the ongoing EPBD Recast Trilogue signalling adjustments related to IEQ, it becomes imperative for stakeholders to have a comprehensive and updated perspective. These anticipated amendments underscore the nexus between energy performance assessment and indoor environmental quality, reaffirming the intertwined nature of building sustainability, occupant health, and energy efficiency.

Under the leadership of REHVA, with the support of Eurovent Association, together with eminent IEQ researchers, experts and representatives from EVIAEPEE and GCP Europe embarked together on a journey of exploration, discussion, and strategic thinking. Under the collective expertise the probable changes have been dissected, their broader implications evaluated and strategies for the smooth transposition and effective implementation of the EPBD Recast in EU’s Member States have been charted.

Please note the herewith recording, made available via REHVA's YouTube channel, has chapters enabled allowing you to swiftly move in between the contributions of the speakers, panellists and moderators. For maximising your experience you're encouraged to either watch the video on YouTube and use the timestamps included within the video's description or just further scroll down in this webinar's webpage and click on the timestamps links.

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(00:00) Welcome & introduction, Jarek Kurnitski, Chairperson Technology & Research Committee, REHVA / Professor, TalTech

(04:24) Overview of IEQ and its Importance, Pawel Wargocki, Associate Professor, International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, DTU

(28:11) IEQ-related changes introduced by the EPBD Recast, Claus Händel, Technical Secretary, EVIA

(47:55) Panel Discussion: Transposing and Implementing the EPBD Recast Changes, Moderated by Jarek Kurnitski, Chairperson Technology & Research Committee, REHVA / Professor, Taltech


(57:43) Carsten Dittmar, Product Area Director Heating, Systemair Group

(01:01:11) Claus Händel, Technical Secretary, EVIA

(01:03:39) Henk Kranenberg, Senior Manager, Daikin Europe

(01:07:31) Risto Kosonen, Vice-President & Board Member, REHVA / President FINVAC

(01:11:54) Christina von Westernhagen, Chairperson Energy Efficiency & Environment Working Group, EPEE

(01:18:17) Nathan Wood, Chairperson IEQ Working Group, GCP Europe

(01:23:14) Discussion points:

- Strategies for successful transposition

- Anticipated challenges and solutions for implementation

- Collaborative measures to ensure uniformity in implementation across EU

(01:40:32) Concluding Remarks and Way Forward, Risto Kosonen, Vice-President & Board Member, REHVA / President FINVAC

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