This was a joint webinar of LIFE projects (June 1st, 10h00-11h30 CEST)

This session aimed to highlight the benefits of SRI implementation for various stakeholders and explore solutions to the obstacles faced across sectors and countries. The target audienced includes European, national, and regional policymakers, construction and automation stakeholders, and real estate investors.

The webinar agenda was divided into two parts, with the first part focusing on SRI rollout and the various barriers, while the second part focusing on SRI projects. The session began with a welcome from Sophie Dourlens-Quaranta, Managing Partner at R2M Solution, who also moderated the entire session. Following the welcome, the audience heard from Sylvain Robert, Policy Officer at DG ENERGY who discussed the LIFE-CET programme and the revision of the EPBD.

The presentation from Sylvain Roberts was immediately followed by Simone Alessandri, Managing Director, EU.BAC, who joined the session to present SRI and what the role is for Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS). To round off Part 1, Armin Knotzer, Scientific Researcher at AEE INTEC and Maria Fernandez Boneta, Research Project Manager at CENER discussed rolling out SRI in national policies, with specific focus on Austria and Spain respectively.

The second part of the webinar session began with an introduction from Sophie Dourlens-Quaranta that was followed by brief presentations on four LIFE projects, specifically:

  • Easy SRI presented by Paraskevas Koukaras, Research Associate at CERTH
  • SRI2MARKET presented by Sophie Dourlens-Quaranta Managing Partner at R2M Solution
  • Smart^2 presented by Paris Fokaides, R&D Director at Euphyia
  • SRI-Enact presented by Stamatia Rizou, R&D Manager at Singular Logic

To round off the informative session there was a brief an open discussion with all speakers.

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