To date, the implementation of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) varies significantly across European countries in terms of scope, available information and calculation methodologies, hampering their potential to increase trust in and trigger energy saving measures and thus not obvious to reap benefits for the renovation wave across Europe.

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Three Horizon 2020 projects, QualDeEPC, U-Cert and X-tendo came together in this webinar to present the issues related to current EPC schemes in Europe and the potential solutions to shift from just an informative tool to a multifaceted tool supporting all stakeholders in the value chain e.g. call-to-action, quality assurance. After an introduction on the scope of each project, the presentations deep-dived into an overview of the common hurdles of EPC schemes across Europe, such as limited reliability, lack of compliance and end-user acceptance. The webinar concluded with the specific solutions brought forward by each of the three projects.

QualDeEPC works on EU-wide convergence of the building assessment and the issuance, design, and use of quality-enhanced EPCs as well as their recommendations for building renovation. The aim is to make these recommendations coherent with deep energy renovation towards a nearly-zero energy building stock by 2050.

U-CERT aims to make the certification schemes more practical and reliable via a holistic, level playing field and user-centred approach that leverages and demonstrates in a practical manner the new set of energy-performance standards, Indoor Environmental Quality indicators and the Smart Readiness Indicator for buildings.

X-tendo aims to support public authorities in the transition towards improved next-generation energy performance assessment and certification of buildings, by developing a modular toolbox that covers different features of innovative indicators as well as innovative data handling approaches.

EPCs are not just an informative tool: they can help building trust and triggering investment in energy saving measures and monitoring the impact of policies and financial support schemes. The three projects together demonstrate that the challenge for next-generation EPCs to become a catalyst for the renovation wave and exploit their potential in light of a fair and just recovery for the EU is to provide a more reliable, standardised service across Europe, tailored for end-users.


  • 13h30 Welcome and introduction
  • 13h45 X-tendo, QualDeEPC and U-CERT – projects background
  • 14h00 Energy Performance Certificate schemes across Europe: common challenges
  • 14h15 Energy Performance Certificate schemes across Europe: specific solutions by each project
  • 14h40 Q&A
  • 14h55 Conclusions
  • 15h00 End

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