Background information on ISO 9972 with its national annexes, and lectures on measurement in practice presented by experts and a trade fair held in parallel with the conference - these are key attractions of the 11th International Buildair Symposium. Specialists from Germany, Europe and elsewhere are cordially invited to participate and join the discussions. The conference venue on the 24th and 25th May 2019 will again be the Hannover Congress Centrum (HCC).

One topic that is currently likely to be of interest is the "measurement standard" ISO 9972 and its specific national annexes. The German supplement itself comprises no less than 24 pages, but how does it look in neighbouring countries? This will be the topic of the first session of the 11th International BUILDAIR Symposium, during which representatives from many countries report on the situation.

Under the heading 'Measurement Practice', speakers reports on the results of a series of air-tightness tests conducted at passive houses or on what has to be considered when measuring the air-tightness of high-rise buildings. During the 'Ventilation' session, typical errors made when planning and executing ventilation systems and problems that could arise with a ventilation system in a building that is not sealed in compliance with standards will be analyzed.

On the second day of the conference, bonding and sealing are discussed during the morning session. Another speech takes as an example for the attic floor of a listed building to present special solutions for producing a high-quality air seal. The symposium will be rounded off with a description of technical and legal aspects of how to deal with residual leaks and their prevention.

Sustainable buildings require durable components and expert services. Therefore, this symposium will be held in combination with a trade fair where you will see novel and proven products for airtightness, ventilation and thermography. And at the evening conference dinner, discussions that were taken up during the day can be continued in more depth – which might even lead to new concepts and joint projects.

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