And the Scanvac Prize for 2012 goes to …

The Organisation of National Societies of Heating, Ventilating and AirConditioning in the Northern countries (SCANVAC) awards one of the most prominent characters in the Scandinavian HVAC industry, Mr. Jørn Simonsen, the SCANVAC Prize. 

By Zosia K. Lav, Communications Manager, Danvak


There was unanimous agreement between the four chairmen of the Northern HVAC societies, that Jørn Simonsen, through his tireless and outstanding work in the Danish and international HVAC industry, has contributed greatly to the HVAC industry and to the indoor environment field in general. The prize committee stated that the tribute was being paid to “A man who has made a difference”- a statement that generated a well-deserved round of applause from the audience.

Jørn Simonsen graduated from Technical University of Denmark in 1970 with a Master’s Degree in Engineering, specializing in indoor environment. Immediately after his studies he was offered a job as a project engineer in the Danish consulting engineering firm Carl Bro. In the years that followed Jørn Simonsen demonstrated impressive results as a consultant in different companies, always confronting problems head-on and facing even the most complex HVAC challenges with great expertise, additionally managing to put indoor climate issues high on the agenda.

In 1988 Jørn Simonsen joined Danvak, the Danish Society of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, as a member of the board of directors.  After only two years he was elected chairman of the board and subsequently made a substantial difference to Danvak.

It was during this chairmanship that Jørn Simonsen and Danvak succeeded in reviving the informal HVAC exhibitions that were formerly held every second year.

In 1999 Jørn Simonsen became chairman of IDA HVAC, the professional HVAC network of the Danish Society of Engineers, and in 2003 he was again elected chairman of Danvak.

In 2011 Jørn Simonsen decided to retire from the consulting engineering firm Orbicon where he was latterly employed as Project Director, in order to start up his own firm. It seems, however, that life as a pensioner must wait a while, as there is still demand both for Jørn Simonsen’s expertise and for his consulting engineering firm JSI-Consult.

Jørn Simonsen is a perfectionist who always utilizes his ability for organization. With Jørn Simonsen at the helm one can consistently expect growth and development, no matter whether he is involved in the project as a consultant or as representative of a society.

The SCANVAC prize for 2012 is a pat on the back for a man who is truly “one of a kind”.

The four chairmen of the Northern HVAC societies were unanimous in their decision to award Jørn Simonsen, Ms of Science in Engineering, the SCANVAC Prize for 2012.

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