EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings prepared a detailed guidance on the amended aspects of the EPBD. It provides a useful guidance for public and private stakeholders, following its analysis on 12 key recommendations that can ensure that the significant multiple economic, social and environmental benefits of robust implementation of the amended EPBD will be realised in all the Member States of the EU.

This document contains six chapters that address the main changes that were introduced by the Amending Directive 2018/844/EU to the provisions of the EPBD (Directive 2010/31/EU) such as:

  1. An overview of the process
  2. Long-term renovation strategies
  3. Individual building renovation passports
  4. Financing energy renovations
  5. Smart and technology-equipped buildings
  6. How to describe the energy performance of a building

Read more details on this analysis and recommendations in the guidance report here.

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