On 29 October 2015, ABOK celebrated their 25th anniversary in the JAR Theater in Moscow. It was a remarkable evening with congratulations of many good friends, industrial members and other organizations. Jan Aufderheijde, Secretary General, represented REHVA, the European Federation of National HVAC Societies. In his small speech he informed the audience, that it is a milestone in two ways. We not only celebrate 25 years of ABOK, but 25 years of REHVA membership as well. At that time prof. Branko Todorovic was REHVA’s president. He and his wife Marija attended this evening also.

Jan Aufderheijde congratulated on behalf of REHVA, ABOK’s president prof. Yuri Tabunschikov and vice president prof. Marianna Brodach with ABOK’s anniversary.

In particular, he thanked Marianna for all the work she did for REHVA. He stressed Marianna’s never weakened activities for REHVA, her contributions to REHVA journal, her translation work of 12000 English terms into Russian in the REHVA Dictionary, the translation of REHVA Guidebook on Displacement Ventilation and her networking for REHVA. All these contributions are impressive he said. As many other representatives did, Jan Aufderheijde handed over to Yuri and Marianna, a Certificate of Merit, to stress the good relation between ABOK and REHVA, but he did more. He also handed over a tray (a replica of the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, ‘ The girl with a pearl earring’ ) with 2 espresso cups and a tin with Dutch ‘ stroopwafels’, and wishes Marianna in near future a moment of reflection to enjoy a cup of coffee with a stroopwafel together with Yuri to remember this wonderful night and REHVA.


Prof. Yuri Tabunschikov (l), Abok President, Jan Aufderheijde, REHVA Secretary General and Marianna Brodatch(r), Abok Vice President


Conference participants


Jan Aufderheijde (l), REHVA Secretary General , Marianna Brodatch, Abok Vice President Prof. Yuri Tabunschikov , Abok President, Marija Todorovic and Branko Todorovic (r), KGH President

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