Engineer Arnaldo Basile takes office and is ahead of management from 2016 to 2019 

ABRAVA - Brazilian Association for HVAC-R elected as president Engineer Arnaldo Basile for the next triennium, who took office along with the Executive Board last June 23rd at a ceremony in FIESP - Federation of São Paulo State Industries headquarters, in São Paulo.

ABRAVA represents the four sectors that together have revenue of approximately R$ 32 billion and employ more than 300,000 professionals. Currently, the organization has 420 members.

According to Basile, his management’s mission is to "add value to ABRAVA so that it is recognized within the business-economic-governmental scenario as 'legitimate class entity ' that represents companies from the HVAC-R sector offering them benefits perceived compatible with their needs and expectations. "

In his inaugural speech he reinforced  that together with the National Departments of ABRAVA, they will focus on activities related to energy efficiency, indoor air quality environments, alternative refrigerants, good engineering practice, standardizations processes, judicial and legal proceedings , export support, training and professional qualification.

"To generate value not only for itself but for its members too", is the main theme defended by the new president.

"In this period of strategic review and complex decisions that require directive actions with higher risk and elevated  degree of austerity, companies identify that together with other associates they can develop serious, objective and transparent policies to crave results that they would not be able to attain on their own", says Basile .

Arnaldo Basile’s brief profile

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from FEI - Faculty of Industrial Engineering, with specialization in air conditioning and refrigeration, in Marketing postgraduate from ESPM and an MBA in Business Administration from Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), Arnaldo Basile, 58, served for 12 years and as legal executive vice president of ABRAVA - Brazilian Association for HVAC-R and before being elected for the 2016-2019 management of the entity, he chaired the XIV CONBRAVA - Brazilian International Congress of Refrigeration and Heating, held in September 2015.

Founding partner of Alfa Thermal Solutions, a company launched in 2014, Basile has a history in corporations like the Germans Trox and Armacell, as executive director and commercial and product director respectively, and the experience in the British IT group - Bundy Refrigeration Division, at Nipponese Hitachi and in the North Americans Rheem-SAIAR, Trane and Honeywell.

Among his performances are commercial and corporate restructuring, development of commercial policies, expansion of production lines, expansion of distribution networks, leading to significant increases in sales.

Executive Board 2016-2019           

Arnaldo Basile Júnior (Alfa) - President Executive                                               

Gilberto Carlos Machado (Pro-Air) - Vice President Executive                                        

Amaurício Gomes Lúcio (Tuma Ind.) - Vice President Professional Development            

Arnaldo Lopes Parra (Positron) - Vice President Marketing & Communication            

Celso C. Simões Alexandre (Trox Brasil) - Ombudsman

Duílio Terzi (Fundament-AR) - Vice President Operations & Finance                 

Eduardo Brunacci (Armec) - Vice President Social                                                        

Juliana Araújo Pereira (Termodin)  - Vice President Legal                                          

Leonardo Cozac de Oliveira Neto (Conforlab)  - Delegate  USA 

Leonilton C. Tomaz Cleto (Yawatz) - Vice President Energy Efficiency                         

Manoel Luiz Simões Gameiro (Samsung) - Vice President Technology                                    

Mauro Apor (LG Electronics) - Vice President Governmental Affairs    

Paulo Neulaender (GSP Neulaender) - Vice President Environment                                              

Ricardo Gibrail (Air System) - Vice President Associative & Institutional Development     

Samoel Vieira de Souza(CACR) - President International Affairs                                       

Wadi Tadeu Neaime (Climapress) - Past President                                                               

Wagner Marinho Barbosa (Evapco) - Vice President Economy                                  


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