AICVF Autumn conferences: Indoor Air quality and Building ventilation.

October 25, 2023 – 9 A.M. to 12 P.M.

Lycée Raspail - Paris 14e

After the COVID-19 crisis, the IAQ became a major challenge in our society. The question is: how to entertwine the maintenance of sanitary safety, comfort and energetic performance in building ventilation ?

The AICVF-CFP will try and answer these questions, and invite you to participate to its conferences.

Schedule of conferences for the day:

  • “IAQ: strong social demand and a goal now unavoidable in buildings”, Fabien Squinazi
  • “IAQ objective criticism and expectations of EN 16798-1 norm.”, Valerie Leprince, Cerema
  • “IAQ historical experctations in France and abroad.”, Francis Allard (Cas de la France; Les travaux d’Ole FANGER; Prise en compte des situations pandémiques (REHVA Nordic Group); Le projet de l’Indoor Air Quality Guide de l’ASHRAE)
  • “Filtration matter and disponible solutions.”, Laure Mouradian, CETIAT
  • “IAQ as building quality indicator: Maitres d’Ouvrages positions”, Frank Hovorka, FRI France
  • “IAQ and building ventilation quality: to handle the implementation and the installations performances.”, Pascal Housset

Welcome breakfast at 8h45.





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