The European Commission has openend the 'Call for Evidence' round to start the revision of the delegated regulation on energy labelling requirements for local space heaters. Interested stakeholders have the opportunity to provide evidence about the impact of the regulation until 15 August 2022 which can contribute to the assessment & evaluation that is currently being prepared on the topic.

Based on the impact assessment that is under preparation the Commission will publish a new proposal for the delegated regulation. Multiple reasons are mentioned as to why the regulation needs to be revised:

- Potential with the definitions for 'open fronted' and 'close fronted' gas/oil local space heaters as well as a lack of proper consideration of electricity consumption in low power modes. Which was discussed in a 2019 review report of the Ecodesign Regulation for local space heaters.

- Existing air pollution requirements in the Ecodesign Regulation for local space heaters does not help end-users to choose less polluting appliances which is why better control over emissions from solid fuel fired local space heaters is needed.

- For air-to-air heat pumps (if included in the revised Regulation), there has been significant progress in terms of the global warming potential of the working fluids in use. However, the penetration of fluids with low global warming potential is still very low.


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