In order to allow the largest contribution, the deadline for sending the abstracts of the 51st International Conference titled “The human dimension of building energy performance” that will be held in Venice from 20 to 22 February 2019,  has been extended to August 30th.

The Conference comes from the observation that the human factor affects significantly the actual energy performance over the building life cycle. The incorporation of behavioral insights into the building design and operation is starting to be recognized as a key topic. Research efforts are therefore needed for fully integrating human dimensions in the building energy performance: data on occupant behaviour have to be collected and properly elaborated; drivers and motivations have to be understood; indexes describing users comfort preferences and the impact on health and productivity have to be identified; new modeling approaches and tools need to be developed; design and operating strategies centered on occupants have to be defined.
This paradigm shift, based on occupants more than on advanced systems and technologies to reduce energy costs, activates a virtuous process, where not only occupants can benefit from it but also building owners, building operators and energy managers, enhancing comfort conditions and productivity and making more cost effective and energy efficient the whole process.
The Conference will gather researchers, professionals and practitioners from across the world to present and discuss the latest research on this topic.
AiCARR invites all those interested in sharing case studies and experiences related to the conference topics to send the abstract of their paper by August 30th: submit the papers here.

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