During REHVA Brussels Summit (4-5 November), under the leadership of REHVA, CEN-CE team organised the 2nd CEN-CE Stakeholders' Workshop (4 November, 10h00-12h30)

for exploring synergies with key stakeholders across Europe about the CEN-CE training and certification scheme.

More than 50 attendees participated in this interactive event, coming mainly form two large target groups: professionals from the building and construction industry and EU level stakeholders. The workshop also featured live polling sessions and open discussions, while participants received in advance preparatory material to enable a more effective and active participation.

It is interesting to note the level of engagement of the participants and level of participation, initiating together the exploration process of possible strategic partnerships with the ultimate goal of maximising market usefulness and ensuring an effective and tailored EU-wide market uptake of the CEN-CE training and certification scheme.

This 2nd interactive working session opened the synergies exploration dialogues in terms of reaping the full benefits of CEN-CE scheme in cooperation with other EU level activities on construction skills and national level training organisations (e.g. REHVA Member Associations).

Lastly, CEN-CE team, launched the CEN-CE pilot training and certification organised on the protected area of CEN-CE website.

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