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♠ Stay informed and join the discussion

♣ Reap the benefits of the EPB Center services e.g.
      ⇒ EPB Center guide on how to fill in National Annexes or National Data Sheets
      ⇒ Editable Annexes A/B of (EN) ISO 52000-1, 52003-1, 52010-1, 52016-1 and 52018-1
      ⇒ National Annexes examples from various countries

♥ EPB Standards Explained (short introductory videos on specific subjects)
      1.Your map for the set of EPB Standards
      2. Primary energy
      3. Exported energy basics
      4. Exported energy option A
      5. Exported energy option B
      6. Exported energy and impact of calculation interval

♦ EPB standards webinar series on Build Up portal
      Webinar 1 - Guidance and examples for the EPB standards’ flexibility (recording)
      Webinar 2 - EPB standards overview: why, how, what! (recording)
      Webinar 3 - How to make good use of the outputs of the EPB assessments (recording)
      Webinar 4 - 26th May (register now) - EPB standards hourly vs monthly methods 
      Webinar 5 - 16th June (registration soon) - EPB standards linked to health and wellbeing
      Webinar 6 - 8th September (registration soon) - Heating systems in the EPB standards

♠ Updated tools on individual EPB standards (spreadsheets)
      ⇒ EN ISO 52016-1
      ⇒ EN ISO 52010-1
      ⇒ EN 16798-5-1
      ⇒ EN 15316-4-2

♣ Continuous improvement process: collection of comments on EN ISO 52000-1

♥ The use of EPB standards at the end of 2019 in several European countries:
      ⇒ France
      ⇒ Italy
      ⇒ the Netherlands
      ⇒ Croatia
      ⇒ Romania
      ⇒ Switzerland
      ⇒ the United Kingdom

♦ Classroom and online pilot training via H2020 CEN-CE project

♠ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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