On 10 March, the Commission presented a new Strategy to assist European industry’s dual transition towards both climate neutrality and digital leadership.

The new Industrial Strategy is focusing on three key priorities:

  • Maintaining European industry’s global competitiveness
  • Making Europe climate-neutral by 2050
  • Shaping Europe’s digital future

To that end, it proposes a set of future actions, along with the key drivers that will facilitate the transformation of the European industry:

  • A deeper and more digital single market
  • Upholding global level playing field
  • Supporting industries towards climate neutrality
  • Skilling and reskilling
  • Embedding a spirit of industrial innovation
  • Building a more circular economy
  • Investing and financing the transition

Particular attention is paid to the key role that SMEs play in this Strategy, aiming to further help them lead the twin transition with a focus on their access to the right skills, through capacity building initiatives and tools to integrate digital innovation.


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