The 6th consortium meeting was held in Copenhagen on 25th-26th March, hosted by DTU. Main outcomes discussed were concerning the industrialization strategy, the development of demonstration plans, the adaptability of Model Predictive Controls (MPCs), the exploitation of demo cases and the dissemination and communication strategies.

HybridGEOTABS workshop at WSED - World Sustainable Energy Days, was held on 28th February at the European Energy Efficiency Conference, in Wels, Austria. A total number of attendees reached 11 external stakeholders, as well as the six speakers presenting the project, for a total of 17, encouraging a lively open debate on MPCs controllers, behavioral data and scalable energy technologies. You can find a full overview here.

HybrydGEOTABS and EU H2020 funded project ALDREN held a joint workshop on 27th March in Copenhagen, hosted by DTU, on “How to express hybridGEOTABS in the ALDREN Evaluation Scheme?”. During the public session the projects were presented in their main goals and on-going developments, while the attendees were able to participate through interactive poll sessions and a live webinar

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