The REHVA  Annual Meeting was a success! On Wednesday 15th we had the pleasure to be invited by our REHVA member TTMD on a Bosporus Cruise, Istanbul. The next day, after all committees reunited, REHVA invited all its Supporters and Members to a Gala dinner. During the dinner, we had the privilege to witness the award ceremony, granting multiple guests of awards. Amongst the awardees, REHVA offered TRC chair, Jarek Kurnitski with the REHVA Gold Medal.

Congratulations are in order for Philippe Herbulot (Professional award), Rodica Frunzulica (Professional award), Federico Pedranzini (Professional award), Manuel Gameiro da Silva (Professional award), Ioan Aschilean (Professional award), Luca Zordan (Professional award), Jun Shinoda (Young scientist award), Olaf Oosting (Fellowship award), Torun Widström (Fellowship award) and Jorma Säteri (Professional award).

Thanks to all our members, supporters and network who could attend and share this insightful experience with us, with a special thank you to our member, TTMD!

We are looking forward to sharing this experience again, next year, in Milan! Indeed, the Annual Meeting 2025 will take place in Milan, Italy, on the 2/3 of June, so, save the date! 

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