‘Learn how certification schemes are aligning with Level(s), the EU framework for sustainable buildings.’   

In October 2020 the European Commission launched Level(s), the new EU common language for assessing the sustainability performance of buildings. Since then, buildings certification schemes across Europe have started to integrate Level(s) objectives indicators into their criteria, in order to stay aligned with circularity principles and EU legislation. Join the upcoming webinar to find out what this means to you in your working environment!

The webinar takes place on 28 March 2023, from 10:00 to 11:00 CET. 
Learn about: 
- How does Level(s) complement certification schemes?   
- What is the reason a commercially oriented company would additionally engage with Level(s)?   
- What are the key examples where both have been used to deliver sustainability outcomes?   
- What does the further integration of Level(s) and certification schemes look like in the future?      
Who should attend?  
- Professionals involved in designing, planning, financing, and executing of building projects. 
- Representatives of associations, agencies, cities, and public authorities with responsibility for the built-environment.  
- All other organisations seeking certification.   

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