The Commission publishes the EU wide assessment of the draft updated National Energy and Climate Plans

An important step towards the more ambitious 2030 energy and climate objectives under the European Green Deal and RePowerEU

  • Positive Overall Assessment:

    • The draft updated National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) receive a generally positive evaluation.
    • Member States exhibit a strong commitment to sound energy and climate planning and monitoring processes.
    • There is a clear determination to intensify actions at both national and regional levels, aligning with the energy and climate policy goals.
  • Concerns and Identified Gaps:

    • Several gaps are identified in maintaining the EU's overall ambition and meeting specific requirements set under EU legislation.
    • These gaps are deemed serious concerns, impacting the credibility of many Member States.
  • Commission's Expectations:

    • Member States are urged to consider the recommendations during the finalization of their updated integrated plans.
    • Immediate submission of pending draft updated plans is emphasized to address concerns promptly.
    • Focus areas include achieving greater energy autonomy, adapting to climate change, and accelerating the deployment of no-regret options, especially in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.
    • Efforts will be made to trigger private investment, including fostering a skilled workforce.
  • Importance of Public Consultations:

    • Emphasis on timely and well-organized public consultations on the plans for inclusivity and building acceptance for subsequent action.
    • The Commission will intensify one-to-one contacts with Member States and use relevant fora for sharing best practices.
    • Focus on cross-cutting issues such as investments and grid planning, in alignment with the recently adopted Commission EU Plan for Grids.
  • Continuous Dialogue with European Parliament and Council:

    • The Commission commits to maintaining a close dialogue with the European Parliament and the Council, keeping them informed about the progress achieved by the Energy Union across all dimensions of energy and climate policies.

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