Today, the European Commission has unveiled its 'State of the Energy Union' report, a yearly assessment that tracks the European Union's advancements in the realm of transitioning to cleaner energy sources.

Additionally, analysts can access a range of individual progress reports on various key subjects. You can utilize the provided codes to access these reports online:

  1. Detailed evaluations of how all 27 EU Member States are implementing their National Energy and Climate Plans (SWD(2023)646).
  2. An annual evaluation of the competitiveness of clean energy technologies within the EU (COM(2023)652).
  3. A report addressing the sustainability of bioenergy (Annex I to COM(2023)650).
  4. A report on the progress made in renovating both residential and non-residential buildings, particularly those striving to achieve nearly zero-energy status (Annex II to COM(2023)650).
  5. A report focusing on the implementation of the Electricity Directive (Annex III to COM(2023)650).
  6. The 2023 report on energy subsidies in Europe (COM(2023)651).
  7. A comprehensive report on the progress of climate action initiatives (COM(2023)653).
  8. A report detailing the quality of gasoline and diesel fuels used in road transport (COM(2023)655).
  9. A report on the geological storage of carbon dioxide (COM(2023)657).





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