The latest issue of “Energy Saving & Automation” journal (in Russian) – one of 4 journals published by Russian HVAC Society ABOK is available for reading on-line. The special focus of the issue is Intelligent building technologies and digitalization
“Digitalization of Economy – a Global Trend” – the opinion of professor Iurii Tabunshchikov, president ABOK, on how does digitalization reveal itself in building and housing and utilities industry, what new opportunities open for energy conservation, efficient and smart use of energy.
“Innovative Technologies of Smart Cities - Future of the Digital Economy in Russia” – roundtable with the participation of experts in the field of building automation.
“Intelligent Buildings, Structured Extensibility, the Internet of Things and Energy Efficiency” – the article specially for “Energy Saving & Automation” Journal by Rawlson O’Neil King Communications Director Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA).





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