In a determined move to underscore the significance of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), REHVA has circulated, before the Summer break, messages encapsulated in four critical documents to the relevant EU-level stakeholders. This initiative aimed at fortifying the understanding and appreciation of IEQ as an integral component of EPBD, influencing informed policy decisions at both national and EU levels.

The foundational document titled "IEQ is Intrinsic to the EPBD" (June 30, 2023), serves as REHVA's latest outcome on IEQ advocacy. It not only elucidates the pivotal role of IEQ but also outlines the necessity for its incorporation within the broader framework and policy discourse around the EPBD.

Complementing this, the "Next Gen EPCs: IEQ in scope of EPBD" (July 4, 2023), elucidates on the next generation of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), underlining the criticality of integrating IEQ within the EPBD scope. It provides insights into the future trajectory of EPCs, forecasting a holistic approach that combines energy efficiency with optimum indoor environmental parameters.

Adding depth to the dialogue, REHVA has also highlighted the "Healthy Buildings for All" document (June 2020), and the joint statement on "Healthy Buildings for All" (October 2021). These documents collectively advocate for the development of healthy buildings as a prerogative, emphasizing the importance of IEQ in creating environments that are conducive to the health and well-being of all occupants.

Through strategic dissemination efforts, REHVA ensured that the messages contained within these documents reached the relevant EU-level decision makers & influencers. Additionally, at the national level, REHVA Member Associations have been proactive in engaging with policy makers.

Check here the latest published EPBD Recast Trilogue document

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