In an awards ceremony on 10 November 2015 in Brussels, the price winners of the European Energy Service Awards (EESA) were announced. In cooperation with the European Investment Bank, the European Commission and the Berliner Energieagentur, prizes were awarded in three  categories:

·         Best Energy Service Promoter (winner: Catalan Energy Institute, ICAEN)

·         Best European Energy Service Provider (winner: Norsk Enøk og Energie AS)

·         Best European Energy Service Project (3 winners in this category: The West London Alliance; The City of Sosnowiec in Poland; Deutsche Postbank).

The prices are awarded in the context of the EU-funded project “European Energy Service Initiative towards the EU 2020 Energy Saving Targets”.

EIB president Dr. Hoyer stressed in his opening remarks the need for a change in climate financing: “Public funds alone are insufficient. What is needed is intelligent financing by bringing private investors on board he said. And that is what the EIB is doing”.

Mrs. Marie C. Donnelly, director in the Directorate General for Energy at the EC, and member of the jury, underlined the importance of energy services and the need to activate private capital as well, to achieve the energy efficiency targets of the EU.

In his keynote Claude Turmes, MEP, pointed out that increased efforts in energy efficiency in buildings are necessary to ensure the EU achieving its climate targets. The EU has set up the legal framework. Now it is up to the member states to reduce energy consumption of its public and private buildings by implementing renovation roadmaps or models like EPC, he said.

REHVA likes to emphasize these ideas and directions of the speakers, and tries to deliver a contribution in this process too, by creating awareness through our knowledge dissemination activities.

REHVA congratulates all winners with their awards!

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