Eurovent Certita Certification has successfully completed its Drift Eliminator Certification test campaign 2021. The testing of 21 units was carried out within two months in the MC Hale laboratory located in the USA and in the 4JTECH-Czech Republic laboratory, which was specially refurbished and qualified to test drift eliminator devices.

Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) announces the completion of its 2021 Drift Eliminator certification test campaign, consisting of: Counterflow, Crossflow integrated & Non-integrated drift eliminator types.


Within two months, over twenty Drift Eliminators were tested in accordance with ECC technical certification rulesECP 14-DE-2020 for laboratory drift testing and utilising the Isokinetic drift test code ATC-140.

This challenge was successfully met with the collaboration of USA-based McHale Associates Inc., a Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) licence testing agency for drift eliminator testing, together with newly developed 4JTECH testing laboratory facility located in Prague, Czech Republic, which had to undergo a series of validation tests supervised by Principal Performance Engineer Gabe RAMOS from McHale Associates, before being approved by the ECC programme committee.

From left to right : Jiri Houzvicka - 4JTECH, Gabe Ramos -McHale & Jan Cizek -4JTECH CEO

The scope of Drift Eliminator certification programme has been developed back in 2009 by drift eliminator industry experts utilising a controlled laboratory environment to obtain a drift rate* at specific controlled operating conditions for both air velocity & water loading as well as the drift breakthrough air velocity, which is the air velocity for which drift losses become visible at any point of the drift eliminator, expressed in m/s.


This world-unique certification programme is yet becoming an increasing requirement not only in Europe but also worldwide:

-    To ensure a significant reduction in hazardous emissions into the environment

-    To meet government standards, such as the French NF E 38-424, or incentive schemes, such as the LEED green building rating system.

Therefore, Eurovent Certita Certification is here to support the industry together with their testing experts McHale Associates Inc. and laboratory experts 4JTECH.


More about the tests and/or the programme: Ian Butler, ECC Programme Manager for Drift Eliminators & Cooling Towers i.butler(at) will be delighted to answer your questions and provide you with more information. You can also check the list of certified manufacturers & products performance at Certified product directory | Drift Eliminators or fill-in the form to apply How to apply | Eurovent Certita Certification  .


*Drift Rate: Proportion of the drift volumetric flow rate to the circulating water flow rate entrained in the airflow and exiting at the discharge of the eliminator, expressed as a percentage.


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