The European Commission has begun expert consultations on the draft text including nuclear and natural gas within the EU Taxonomy, under certain conditions. Within this consultation round inputs are gathered from the Platform on Sustainable Finance and the Member States Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, who have time until 12 January 2022. The Commission plans to adopt the text at the end of January.

Within the draft text the Commission considers a role for both sources as transitional technologies towards a predominantly renewable future. This means that investments going into both sources could be received a green label under "clear and tight conditions". 

This text complements the earlier adopted Delegated Act of the Taxonomy on Climate Change Adoption and Mitigation that was released in December 2021.

Link to EURACTIV article with leaked version of the draft text (bottom of the page).

Press release by the European Commission.

Follow our Knowledge Hub for a briefing on the Taxonomy (with a focus on the building industry, not the inclusion of nuclear & gas).

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