Two feedback rounds have been opened by the European Commission regarding air-to-air conditioners, heat pumps and comfort fans: to update the ecodesign requirements and on the energy labelling of this equipment. The Commission is planning to release new implementing (ecodesign) and delegated (labelling) regulations by Q1 2023 and are asking experts for feedback and evidence. This feedback can be given until 18 February 2022 in an open-text format with 4,000 characters maximum (with the possibility of adding an attachment).

The Commission reasons that both regulation are in need of an update as the current requirements are old and no longer capture cost-effective energy savings or consumer benefits, while the energy labelling needs re-scaling to provide more incentives to manufacturers to improve products.

Find more information about the feedback round on the ecodesign requirements by clicking here.

While more information on the update of the energy labelling can be found here.


Simultaneously, the Commission has also opened feedback rounds on "ecodesign requirements for water pumps" and "energy labelling requirements for household tumble dryers". These feedback rounds have a deadline of 18 February 2022 as well.

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