The Health and Environment Alliance has recently released a report “Healthy Air, Healthier Children”on the air quality around primary schools across six European capital cities. The cities are London, Berlin, Madrid, Paris and Sofia and Warsaw. As primary schools in capitals are largely exposed to pollution in the air, a new policy must be taken for action at the local and EU level to protect the harm and risk of health of children. The report will link health and energy efficiency in schools to create a more climate friendly public building for schools across Europe.

The report involved a series of experiments, which involved school academics, such as teachers and pupils to push awareness to the impacts of air pollution in their city, as schools are widely targeted to pollutants entering the building from the streets and busy roads.

Upon monitoring the building, HEAL released results which had proved that there were high levels of CO2 in the classrooms which indicates that ventilation systems are strongly required within these classrooms.

The reports that are readily available to read now, are for cities  London, and Madrid.

You will also be able to find the rest of the reports for the 4 other cities in September 2019.

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