The IEQ-GA Global Alliance, global society launched in 2019 and providing guidelines and knowledge on the indoor environmental quality in buildings and places of work around the world, has set up some initiatives aiming to tackle the  COVID-19 issue from the IEQ perspective.

The IEQ-GA's Members guidance and position documents on COVID-19 have been gathered on the IEQ-GA website in the dedicated COVID-19 section. This webpage provides you with information and position documents from the IEQ-GA’s member organizations as a public service.

In addition to establishing and maintaining this webpage, the IEQ-GA has organized an IEQ-GA Task Force consisting of representatives from member organizations who have specific knowledge, capabilities and expertise in the field. It is the intent of the Task Force to work together to develop consensus documents and position statements on behalf of the IEQ-GA. Its work and activities will continue to evolve as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads throughout the world.

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